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ABOUT US: Welcome

​Founded in 1999, Nurses Internet Staffing has over two decades of experience recruiting qualified nursing professionals to meet the specific needs of our client hospitals. We are able to provide outstanding service because we keep a pulse on the ever-changing healthcare system, from the perspective of both nurses and hospitals.

Nursing professionals working for Nurses Internet can look forward to a friendly and caring staff that is committed to providing opportunities for career growth and a flexible work schedule. Our experienced staffing coordinators are available 24/7.

Whether you are a hospital with staffing needs or a nursing professional seeking quality work in Southern California, we would love to work with you!



I’ve been with the company of Nurses Internet since 2008. Since then I had more flexible hours on my work schedule and they keep me busy all the time. The staff are really professional in all ways. There was a time when I thought of going back to the  hospital to be a regular staff, but with the length of my stay in nurses internet, I realized that nothing could beat my satisfaction with this company. -Angeline A., RN

Nurses Internet is a great company, everyone is very professional. They have competitive pay rates. They work hard to place their nurses to hospitals. There is always some one available to help. They are the best agency I have work for. -Dwight P., LVN

I have been working for Nurses Internet for over 20 years and always felt like I belong to a family. I don't want to try a different registry for this main reason. - Gigi T, RN 

Nurses Internet is simply the best in the industry in so many ways. Happy and proud to be one of their staff! Their team is the nicest! I feel cared for. - Guadalupe, LVN

This is to inform you that if you need a job/work as a Registered Nurse, don’t hesitate to apply with Nurses Internet Staffing! I highly recommend them because I’ve been working with them for almost nine years. They are very professional, good attitude and they are down to earth with their nurses…especially the owner of the registry. Staff-wise, they are very approachable and they will help you if you have a problem, especially on your schedule. -Edna L., RN

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